Monday, March 5, 2012

Training with Spanish Coach, Pere Garcia

This morning we boarded the bus for our first training session. We arrived at the stadium called, Esport Club Granollers located in Girona. The pitch is situated right in the middle of a busy city (much like our field at home!). It was surrounded by tall buildings and apartments. At the stadium we met our coach for the day, Pere Garcia. We had a 2 hour training session and focused on the "spanish style" of soccer. Coach Garcia reminded us that we need to create width and depth when we are in possession and to play and think quickly. We wrapped up the training session with a fun contest to see who could hit the crossbar and for those that missed it was 20 pushups! Let's just say in round one everyone had to do pushups! Round two was a success with several people ringing it off the bar! From the stadium we headed back to the hotel for lunch and we are leaving in 20 minutes for some sightseeing before our match tonight at 8:30pm! GO SHARKS!

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