Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simmons vs. Espanyol

Tonight’s match was a well fought battle between our team and the prestigious, Espanyol. We played in Mataro and had a big crowd of the local club teams watching us. The children were cheering “Go Simmons” and the manager of Espanyol was very gracious towards our team. We had three officials from the Spanish Federation controlling the match. The opponent had 2 players that were very fast and play for the Catalan semi-professional team. Kerianne Acheson served a nice ball across the field from left to right that found Carolyn Berndt waiting inside the penalty area. Berndt stayed composed and scored a great goal to get us on the board. While we dropped the match to Espanyol, it was surely an experience that our team will never forget.

After the match, the locals cooked us an “authentic barbecue” and served us a buffet style dinner right at the field.

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  1. Is this the toughest team Simmons has ever played?